These recycled CD paintings are mixed media works of art that may include paper, metal, wood, and gemstone embellishments specific to your occasion but per Bojana's discretion. Specify which holiday or birthday you want to celebrate with one of these original and environmentally conscious works.  Each painting is the only one of its kind.

Red, Black, and White painting color story.

copy of Recycled CD Abstract Paintings

Black, White, & Red
  • Paintings are done directly on standard recycled CDs because CDs are so yesterday!  This is the environmentally conscious FUTURE of art. 

    Black, white, and/or red color story with possible occasion-appropriate metallic highlights or embellishments.

    The back side of the CD has plenty of room for you to write a personalized note to the giftee to commemorate the special occasion.  

    Perfect graduation gift or milestone birthday present!

    "Black, White, & Red ColorDiscs" compositions.

    Signed by the Artist

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