Phase II outtake... because humor makes it all okay.  Enojy your day!


Funny Story...

Once upon a time, I tattooed a young woman who had the lowest pain tolerance I'd ever witnessed To. This. Day.  What could have literally been a meticulously executed 3-minute tattoo took 45 minutes to complete because of the excessively frequent intermissions.  Due to the fact she couldn't get through 1-second marks and her tattoo was beginning to look like a bad game of connect-the-dots, I suggested she sing a song to help distract her from the pain so she could get a good tat.  I meant to herself.  Suddenly, the room was full of off-key Livin' La Vida Loca which elevated in pitch in such a way animals were gathering.  Clients two rooms over were complaining so I asked her to quietly count to five and at least give me five-second stretches between breaks in an effort to settle both her and the other clients.  No such luck.  One began at a reasonable D4-ish while five was a shrieking C7 at a volume I could barely process.  Holy ear-bleed Batman!  

Fast-forward about a decade.  I'm at a party telling this story.  Guess to whom I'm telling it!  Mind you, with a full demonstration.  Palm. To. Face.  "I am soooo sorry if I've offended you in your own freakin' home!!! I'm an a-hole. But, funny is funny."  This was undeniably so, even for her.  (She was an amazing sport and a wonderful hostess!)  

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