I Am the Big Bang!


Art is a means of travel, a mode of transportation like a bus or a train.  It guides from one place to another. It is a road like science, math, or general life experience.  Regardless of the path, many could arrive at this same destination; this same understanding of our universe.  Both an airplane and a taxi can get you to JFK Airport. There is no right way, only way… the way you choose.  I chose art.  I find myself in a place where others have been before me; scientists, philosophers, inventors, etc, and they left breadcrumbs we could follow.


This position in spacetime that marks the spot like an X on a treasure map could be fast-tracked following the breadcrumbs of universal truths such as math, art, music, and love.  In other words, an engineer could arrive at this destination faster than a truck driver, but either way, they can both arrive.  Simply choose your road and pack mindfulness and will for the journey.

I can clearly see the paths of those who influenced me like Dali, DaVinci, Nietzsche, Lao Tsu, Tesla, Einstein, Gilmour, Beethoven, Poe, Dante, etc.  Their ways created a multidimensional web in my mind; a web as I have been weaving with my own art all along, but one I couldn't see due to my close proximity.  Only distance reveals comprehensive patterns.  The aerial view offers a clearer vision; the whole movie screen as opposed to a few pixels, if you will

My curiosity and will to understand are innate and drive me to continue learning and weaving my artistic web.  My desire to demonstrate these connections between things leads me to continue weaving both my art and myself as intricately as I possibly can whilst I still have time and opportunity.  Life is short and the second half of the hourglass appears to empty faster.  

Let's weave... This is my theory on how the universe expands: Like fabric, it is woven as time passes; more intricately with intent which coincides with exponential growth. Its initial moment of conception was the Big Bang (center of the web) but all that has grown to exist continues to be woven into infinite web-like fractals that ravel and unravel throughout spacetime(s).  I predict we can travel these paths.

Here's a breadcrumb... Go as far as your belief of possibility will take you. When you get there, expand your scope of possibility. Baby steps. Art was my path to get here, and now that I see I am here, I can share what (I think) I know.  Your journey is your own, but the destinations are ours. Therein lies our collective reality (realities, really).  That is the weaving of spacetime and we are the spiders of myth and legend. BANG!



The Big Bang is the moment of universal conception.  Is that not the same as the moment of conception of any life form? Of you? Of me?                   Macrocosm <--- X ---> Microcosm. 


Our destinations are infinite.  The webs are infinite. Spacetime is infinite on infinite layers.  The possibilities are infinite and you choose where you want to go.  Everything you need is already inside you. How can I express that fractal with mere words or images?  

The Path I Took | 2009

Universal Web | 2020 | Digital Painting

The first of this visual concept appears in my work circa 1997,

in a similarly designed multi-dimensional and sculptural painting entitled SpiderWoman based on a Navajo creation myth.  Although the original work has been damaged and the spider woman sculpture that was once suspended from her web has broken, the multiverse concept has stayed with me throughout the years.

Final Destination | 2004 acrylic, wood, canvas

Bird's Eye | 2019

Baby Steps | 2019

Captured | 2000

liquid emulsion on maple

We are Xs... the space between

Intersecting, paths connecting

Some are kings and some are queens

Some are nothing, never seen

Until the day we choose to gleam

Reflective and invisible

Unified but divisible

Warring yet serene

We see into our dreams

With glow of seraphim 


 ©1990-2020 Bojana Randall. All rights reserved. 

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