*Five of these works will be showing at the #sacretheartsshow in 2021 TBD

"My life; my death."

Cookie Cutter | 6x13x6" | glass, fabric, steel, sand

Emergence | 4x15x4" | glass, fiber, sand

Cradled in Magic | 5x13x5" | glass, fabric, polymer

Just a Pinch | 8x16x8" | glass, fabric, wood, steel

Foolish | 5x9x5" | glass, paper, polymer

Master | 5x9x5" | glass, polymer, aluminum, sand

Lizardheart | 6x13x6" | glass, fabric

Treasure Chest | 7x9x7" | glass, wood, acrylic, blue goldstone, brass

House of Hearts | 4x15x4" | glass, wood

Seized | 4x15x4" | glass, fiber, polymer, shell, coral

Pin Cushion | 5x9x5" | glass, fabric, steel, polymer

Shine On | 5x13x5 | glass, polymer

Turning | 5x13x5" | glass, polymer, acrylic, sand

The Return | 5x9x5" | glass, polymre, coral, blue goldstone

Lavastone | 5x13x5" | glass, polymer, sand, steel

The story of JAR of HEARTS...


Partly inspired by Egyptian canopic jars, the Jars of Hearts is a series of iconic heart sculptures isolated within glass jars, like specimens prepared for scrutinization so we could better comprehend this illogical concept of love.  The hearts are constructed with various elements ranging from hard to soft, shedding light on a comprehensive spectrum of feelings and drives.  I often find myself torn between the deep intensity of my heart and the calculated coolness of my mind.  In my world, love is as elusive as time.  



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