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How does art make you feel?


Complicated.  There’s such a deep breakdown and examination of the emotional and cognitive layers of endless subjects.  It can feel overwhelming because there’s so much to be said about any given topic and I have to simmer it down to a singular image.  Ultimately, I feel concise, lol.  Beyond that, I feel akin to a kid in a toy store… like Big with Tom Hanks, lol.  It’s exciting!  Realistically, the range of emotions is too extensive so I’ll leave it at that.


Did you always want to be an artist?


One of my most exciting memories is when someone showed me that I can draw on concrete much easier with a piece of brick than a rock.  I lost my mind over that!  I drew my first mural, lol.  We had a white stucco house when I was a kid, so it made for a perfect canvas.  I got in so much trouble!  But it didn’t stop me.  I drew until my fingers bled and all the brick dust was gone off my fingers day after day.  When I ran out of brick, I discovered mud was as effective.  So, to answer your question, I didn’t define myself as an artist for a really long time, but I am what I am regardless of terms.


Where is your art heading from here?


In my mind or in reality?  In my mind, I’m designing work for the Moon and decorating the interior of the Death Star, lol.  I’m so far beyond my lifespan!  In reality, there’s definitely going to be a more practical, multipurpose, technological approach to my work that closely neighbors science and engineering.  However, I plan on incorporating all the pieces that speak of our humanness as we’re going to want to hold onto that where we're going.  Since my mind is too far beyond my means, I’ll probably partner with like-minded futurists to bring some of these things to fruition.  Ideally, anyway.

What is your favorite aspect of art?


Art transcends countless barriers and inadvertently unites us.  It’s like discovering you have the same taste in music.  Insta-friend.  When you find an aspect in an artwork that pulls your heartstrings, you know that the artist meant to do that and they feel that way, too. It’s an instant connective thread to someone you’ve never even met.  I love that!  Unity.

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Bojana Randall, Interdisciplinary Artist