"In the midnight of my mind, I found a speck of light that I diligently chased until I reached a bright horizon."

Pillar | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Power | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

One | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Distant | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Dark Castle | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Will | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Hangman | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Elevate | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

Foundation | 48x48" | acrylic, masonite

The story of HORIZONS...


My studies abroad coupled with my years as a tattoo artist and my interest in Eastern cultures inspired Power (2009), the first of the Horizons series, based on the Chinese symbol for strength.  At that valley in my life, I sought comfort in making art.  I look to my art as a fortune teller looks upon a crystal ball, for insight and foresight alike.  I use it as a mirror to see the deepest reflections of myself.


That day I painted Power, the blank canvas stared back at me and taunted me until I felt such an emotional stir that I either had to paint to complete the energy cycle or combust.  As I unwelcomed the idea of an aneurysm, I suddenly thrust my paintbrush into the Mars Black and passionately rocked it back and forth on the canvas.  As I painted my tears into the blackness, I understood that I had the strength to get out of my most miserable situation.  I had the strength, and I most certainly had the will.  My physical painting process triggered images I inked into people's body parts of symbols expressing their own strength.  They needed their tattoos as I needed my painting, to symbolize and draw out the inner powers we needed to ignite change within ourselves.  And there it was ---a connection between us.  As I thought about my own strength and the strength of all the women who had to fight through similar battles, then broadened my scope to all people who had to fight through any types of battles at all, I understood.  As I painted through my tears and blended my rain into the paint, the Chinese character for strength appeared as a skeletal leg stuck in the muck.  I felt the tension of having to pull the other leg out of thick mud so it could march forward.  I felt the weight of that leg lifting and stepping and sinking and repeating.  I felt the power it took to pull it out.  I felt empowered.  Hopeful.  I completed Power and opened a new world for myself.  Magick was made.  The birth of a new series emerged.


As I often like to do after painting the first of any series, I wait a while (sometimes years) before painting the remainder.  During this seeming downtime (the space between), I sketch more of the series, mind-make it time and again until all possible mistakes within my scope have been resolved, and only then am I ready to put brush to canvas and invite my emotions to the party. 


Intermittently, I continue to sketch (which never actually ends) resulting in most series having over 50 pieces and growing, including Horizons.  It took eight years to begin executing additional works in this particular series.  In 2017, I expressed eight new 48 x 48 inch paintings.  They bring stories of triumph and hope, empowerment and trust, and more of humanity's best... the things worth fighting for; worth living for.  What we focus on is where we deposit our energy.  I will always choose a bright horizon as I like to make solid investments.  



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