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Announcement for solo art exhibition and installation by artist, Bojana Randall | Sacret Hearts Show | M Galleries | April 2021 | multimedia art show revolving around the iconic heart


Timewindows: Perspective Nouveau | solo art exhibition by sculptor and painter, Bojana Randall | M Galleries | April 2020
TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau | solo art exhibition by interdisciplinary artist, Bojana Randall at M Galleries, Washington NJ | sculptures, paintings, and poetry about space-time

TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau 


Isolated Essence Installation (2000) with artist, Bojana Randall

Inner Light

steel, fiber, resin, halogen

Part of the Isolated Essence installation | monoprints | 2000 | Tuna Gallery

steel, rice paper, ink, polymer, acrylic 


Photographs courtesy of Joe Raymond Photography


Tuna Gallery | William Paterson University


Confluences | group art exhibition at Artium Gallery in Miami, FL including two multidimensional paintings by artist, Bojana Randall

The Musician (2012), Guitar (2012), Golden Quartet (2013), Soundhole (2015), 

Muzika! series

ME-WE group art exhibition, Newark NJ | including four paintings by Bojana Randall from the Muzika! series
The Artbox Project | Switzerland

#Turn (2015), Onward (2015)

Around the Bend series

Washed Out (2015)

Muzika! series




Realizing the Web | 2002

The Paterson Museum

4-person art exhibition

(Stephen Rice with Bojana Randall)

Realizing the Web was a thesis art exhibition curated by artist, Bojana Randall which included the web-related works of three other artists as well as four large-scale works by Bojana.  The show was held in November 2002 in the main gallery of The Paterson Museum. 

(Above) Stephen Rice with Bojana Randall seated before Towers of a Thousand Faces, a 12' plaster and steel sculpture inspired by the events of 9.11.2001


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Isolated Essence Installation (2000) with artist, Bojana Randall