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"The most valuable 

pieces of life are invisible and I aim to draw attention to them."



A Fence the Butterfly Cannot Keep (2015) | acrylic and PLA plastic on canvas

The silence of the stars upon my eyes

Upon my mind

The hushing of my words throughout spacetime

Made me realize just how blind

We are without the light

In our midnight


Waxed wings; Blight.

Falling to the nether night

Grasping at last rays of light

As we keep fighting the wrong fight

Wrong direction, right?

But it's not too late to turn

To change

To rearrange the way we see

With minds instead of eyes

We have all that we need

Inner light





Masked (2020) | digital 

Masked (2020) | digital artwork/ digital photograph by interdisciplinary artist, Bojana Randall (self-portrait during times of Covid)

I wear my mask because I want to protect others.

I think there's a place between the self and the collective.  I don't compromise one for the other. 

I simply understand time and place and prioritize accordingly.

"I live in that space between hard and soft, painting and sculpture, abstract expressionism and minimalism,

visible and invisible, and a plethora of other dualities. It's my favorite place because I can see the most from here!

Don't get me wrong, there's always a price to pay.  It's just that I think it's worth it."

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