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Bojana, Artist

"What is the purpose of knowledge

if not to be shared with others for the betterment of all humankind?"

Friendship | 48x48" | coffee, ink, acrylic, board

A few of my favorite things...

(besides art)

sounds that resonate within my core, ballsy & true people, prisms, stars,

spiderwebs glistening with dew in the moonlight, nailing a stage performance,

loving from the depth of my core, observing...everything, music, theater, dance,

scientific and philosophical debates over a steamy cup of coffee, passion, 

snow-tubing, baking, dreaming, warm sand, birthday celebrations,  

the way the sun looks against a flat periwinkle sky, creating,

losing myself in reverie, exploring the universes,

learning, discovering, sharing my vision, 

various kinds of badassery, 

soft & cozy textures, 

freedom, love, 



The Future is Now

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