"Yesterday's roots are today's wings."

Alizarin Crimson | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

I Wuz Here | 30x30x1" | acrylic, plaster, Swarovski crystals, mdf

Black 2.0 | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

Cobalt Blue | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

Gold | 30x30x1" | acrylic, gold leaf, polymer, mdf

Solo | 30x30x1" | acrylic, silver leaf, mdf

Oblivion | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

Relic | 30x30x1" | acrylic, gold leaf, mdf

Silver | 30x30x1" | acrylic, silver leaf, polymer, mdf

More | 30x30x1" | acrylic, metal leaf, mdf

Unraveled | 30x30x1" | acrylic, fiber, mdf

Gothic | 30x30x1" | acrylic, fiber, mdf

Life | 55x55x1" | acrylic, mdf

Raven Nebula | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

Cadmium Yellow | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

Within | 50x50x1" | acrylic, mdf

Copper | 30x30x1" | acrylic, mdf

The story of BUTTERFLIES...


Partly inspired by chaos theory and the butterfly effect, Butterflies have roots in my early childhood which gave life to my contemplations, and ultimately this winged body of work.  As with all my makings, they are rich with symbolism and have an emotional foundation upon which the intellectual ideas are erected.  Colors, numbers, and cultures are of great significance here.  Ultimately, 999 butterflies will come to life creating a dialogue regarding time, vibration, energy, and evolution.  That said, since it is in its relatively early stages of development, the deeper patterns have yet to emerge.  This series will grow old with me as my pencil could barely keep up with the flow of my mind. 





Winged things 

One moment here

                          One moment there

Traveling Time


A magickal glimpse into realms unseen

This is how faith grows wings


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