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"At a certain level, art is akin to physics. It

begins to demonstrate how the universe works."

Bojana Randall, interdisciplinary artist


Bojana was born in 1974 Serbia and immigrated to the United States with her family in the 1980s.  Her artwork spans a broad spectrum of disciplines and purposes including sculpture, painting, and installation art designed to demonstrate connecting theories of internal and external worlds.  Her layered approach pulls together both individual and social views, micro and macrocosmic perspectives, the one and the many accentuating unity and balance between worlds.  The combinations of geometric and organic forms and figurative and abstract representations are expressed in a broad array of mediums and colors.  Her signature use of red is almost always present; a line, a pendulum, an edge exclaiming, “pay attention to this area”. 

Her early works in the 1990s were representational of the human figure, nature, and geometry and are fundamental elements that still remain true as they pertain to space and time and how the universe works coupled with consciousness.  From the very beginning, as in Isolated Essence (2000) at the Tuna Gallery, she blended two- and three-dimensional elements into both paintings and sculptures blurring their boundaries.  This process continued into Realizing The Web (2002) at The Paterson Museum, and TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau (2020) that included the various Pendulums series in addition to the cypress and mirror sculpture, Time(2004) and digitally poetic aspects at M Galleries.  

Bojana’s upcoming multiplanar installation, also at M (April 2021), is entitled Elevation and is about the duration of consciousness and its dimensionalities.

Joe Raymond Photograpy

Isolated Essence, 2000

TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau, 2020

Bojana received her BFA from William Paterson University while primarily working as a banker by day and tattoo artist by night.  Continuing to build out her body of art after graduation, she ultimately arrived at Tangled Web (1990-2020) which expresses various aspects of humanity that "could be utilized to humanize artificial intelligence", according to the artist.  The complexity of this cartographic body of work can be utilized in education as a trail of breadcrumbs of a certain type of developmental process.  The totality of which Tangled Web is part is referred to as Phase I, which was completed in 2020.

In Phase II, Elevation incorporates a number of related works from the collective series, Interspersions (2020) that will unify the installation with its multidimensional play.  Interspersions is a conglomeration of concepts from Tangled Web and expands upon the ideas through the minimalist use of line, color, and multiplanar space to express a visual language and increase our human processing time, thereby accelerating the visibly lesser, and often neglected, crucial elements of life and humanity as a whole.

​Bojana resides and works in New Jersey and has exhibited throughout the US and Switzerland during her virtually unnoticed career.  The acrylic painting, She is Violin (2009)  was published on the cover of the novel, The Violin by poet and author Lindsay Pritchard of the UK in 2018.  A number of interdisciplinary artworks including Dreamcatcher (2012) of the Portraits series, and Sharp Turn and Onward (2017) of the Around the Bend series boast awards and recognitions.  Bojana’s work from the Muzika series appeared at Spectrum Miami during art week (2018).

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