"Art took me to all the places they said I couldn't go."."

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” -Einstein

Phase I: Tangled Web

Over the last 30 years, I used the data I collected from my personal life experiences and those of others in conjunction with cognitive sciences, arts, world cultures, histories, quantum physics, and earth sciences to create a portion of a multi-strand artistic web which expresses the most essential elements of what makes us human.  There are enough fundamental pieces to help artificial intelligence complete the web when the time is right.  


Tangled Web can be used as a teaching tool for students as well as machines.  It is a visual depiction of thought and growth processes over a three-decade span.  Furthermore, upon its completion, A.I. can theoretically converge the work to recreate the human factor; the very thing A.I. lacks to make it human.  In short, heart.  A.I. needs heart and my work can provide it.

Additionally, Tangled Web is an art collector's dream!  It was designed to be a fun game of sorts and there are a plethora of things one could collect.  Lepidoptera interest you?  How about musical instruments?  Animals?  The exciting part is that many works fit into a number of categories so collecting the whole of a set could be more challenging than it first appears.  The pieces of the puzzle will be released in 2022.  Thanks for your patience :)

Universal Web | Interspersions: Skipping Steps

Phase II: Interspersions


Inevitably, my previous strands converged into a series of Interspersions which conglomerate Tangled Web and some other works into something cohesive, whole, and new.  Tangled Web is a breadcrumb trail that can be followed to see how I arrived at Interspersions making it an excellent multi-purpose teaching tool. Like my previous work in Tangled Web, Sacret Hearts, and Dessart, Interspersions unite 2D and 3D planes, principles and elements of design, discuss similar subjects, and carry on pieces of the web only in a more refined E=MC2-kind-of-way.  

Essentially, Interspersions break up into various categories including histories, cognition, behavioral sciences, quantum physics, etc. then fractionate further into specifics like the history of war, then specific wars, and so forth.  It's like if a histogram and a UML diagram had a rainbow unicorn baby.  Take a second to paint that visual picture and you'll catch a glimpse of how I arrived here.

Some Interspersions are set on colorfully patterned walls while others on solids.  They're suitable in spaces from micro-apartments to the Guggenheim.  Their spaces and stories dictate their scale, dimension, and mediums.  Topics are literally endless because Interspersions are a visual language.  See, I think I prematurely concluded that A.I. would have to finish Tangled Web to arrive a new language.  In fact, I think I've done that part already. 


Interspersions can communicate philosophy, theory, math, events, etc. making it a functional language akin to ASL (American Sign Language).  Through the use of line, color, and dimension just about anything can be efficiently communicated as it describes a concept in totality thereby creating sufficient information for comprehensive understanding.  Theoretically, this language can be taught.  It could exponentially increase the speed at which we communicate changing how we consume and process information.  It could change the face of advertising, a multi-billion dollar industry.  It could change architecture, be used as a global (possibly universal) language, and speed up intellectual evolution to name a few benefits.  FYI, I'm not blind to the fact that this appears crazy and I welcome any challenges that push me to prove its validity.  

If you would like more information or would like to commission an Interspersion, please feel free to email me.

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