"Art took me to all the places they said I couldn't go."

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” -Einstein


Cliche as it may be, Einstein has been a perpetual inspiration, as well as O'Keeffe, Bentov, and Dante.  Many played a role in my development, but I can only take credit for how I put the pieces together and build onto the foundations they provided.

IRL, I'm a little goofy, LOL

There's no sense in doing it if you're not going to have fun along the way!  This human experience is too short to waste time not living.  Vivre et laisser vivre!

...And always with love at the core!


I create breadcrumbs of wisdom that fit together to generate a life story; not just my story, but our human story.  Some part of me is a teacher by nature and each artwork offers some degree of knowledge.  These lessons express themselves as sculptures, paintings, interdisciplinary works, multidisciplinary installations, poems, and music.  Ultimately, I hope people learn something useful through my work.  My life lessons were costly and not for naught, but I hope more than my personal circles can benefit from them.   


The details of an artist shine through the art regardless of medium, so on some level, making art is very personal and primal and leaves the artist uncloaked.  As I’ve evolved, so I’ve gained distance.  Although the intimate layers of art are fundamental, its purpose is more about the big picture... society, ideas, theories, and the bird's eye perspective in conjunction with the individual view.  Art creates a perfect example of how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is multipurpose, sometimes practical, and regards the evolution of humanity always.  


I’ve designed everything from miniatures to monuments.  I love playing with scale and proximity!  I enjoy sculpture’s dimensionality, reality, and truth; Painting’s depth, romance, and passion; Music’s time, layers, and textures; Dance’s trust, kineticism, and connection; and Theater’s travels, understanding, and mirroring.  Oh, and Comedy's general enlightenment!  I see so much genius in the arts and sciences.  I can’t fathom that some think humanity a virus when I can only see its magnificent beauty.  What a magickal organism!  


Time, our place in the universe, and consciousness are at the forefront of my mind.  Aliens are still lingering, after 30 plus years. I’ve recently been unable to ignore the idea of extraterrestrial life and what it may look like, but from an archeological, and somewhat anthropological perspective.  Mirrors, lighting, translucency, pendulums, and the quantities and shapes of 1, 3, 12, and 8 are some of the other elements that arise around the aforementioned topics.

Fashion, textiles, and the figurative form continue to arise, particularly 3-D pen made plastic corsets as they tie into new(ish) technologies but also speak of our environmental issues.  Glass and transparent containers maintain their relevance since they are reminiscent of specimen jars, preservation, and protection.  Basic geometric shapes also remain constant.  Math and science play a tremendous part in my work, albeit subtly.

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There are insurmountable choices to be made regarding both subject matter and materials.  Although my lists are extensive and this statement barely scrapes the surface, I find these carefully edited lists are of utmost significance.  If something was trash, I would’ve disposed of it by now.  Keep the keepers; let loose everything else.


NUTSHELL: Moving forward is about our collective advancement as an organism through the cosmos.  #humanitay

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