"I'm not short of ideas,

just where to put them."

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” -Einstein

The original Universal Web (1993) had a sculptural spider-lady dangling from a polymer web which was suspended in the portal of a 30 x 40 acrylic painting, similar to what you see here but better.  Although I often revisit the same ideas, I could never find it in me to iterate them in the same exact way.  Sadly, the spider was broken long ago during one of my many moves.  To this day, it remains one of my favorite works for a plethora of reasons.  Among them, my love for how the universe works.

PHASE I: Tangled Web (1990-2020) is a multipurpose 30-year collection of artwork containing key elements of humanity.  This body of work was a foundation for the amalgamated Interspersions (PHASE II).  Interspersions are immersive designs investigating consciousness, among other aspects of life.  They utilize intersecting planes to express multidimensionality without consuming any space.  Their architectural quality has an endless capacity for incorporation into futuristic vehicles and abodes.

Interspersions are aesthetically suitable in spaces from micro-apartments to the Guggenheim and beyond.  Their atmospheres and stories dictate their scale and dimensions.  As a visual language, they can be efficient in conveying a comprehensive concept in roughly 13 milliseconds, which is 60,000 times faster than the brain's processing of text, opening a door for infinite applications.

Interspersions could exponentially increase the speed of communication changing how we consume information.  They could alter the faces of fashion, advertising, architecture, and education, all multi-billion dollar industries.  Their potential is limitless!  Entering the space age, full-force, we need to consider a broader scope of what the future truly entails so it could be properly designed from the start.  Our human needs are essential considerations moving forward, and art offers benefits and solutions on countless levels.  

If you would like more information or would like to commission an Interspersion, please email me to discuss your project.  I can work with any scale because math ;) 

Thank you for visiting my website!  Come back soon to see new work and learn about future exhibitions.  It''s gonna be a wild ride and I'm glad to have you here :)

 Interspersions: Skipping Steps

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