"Art is a central hub where

all of my interests converge."

The point is this... I have long-term objectives and things I aim to discover in this life.  Art is a means of arriving to the knowledge I seek.  Art is a language.  It is my most fluent language and often the only voice I have.  

Although I could have arrived at my destination via more traditional routes, I am me, and curiosity is behind the wheel.  The journey was intense thus far and that's what fuels the art.

Artist, Bojana Randall in her NJ art studio (2020)

My work has always been deeply layered with truth and time at the core.  On a surface layer, it is usually aesthetically pleasing and uplifting.  On an intellectual layer, my inspirations are drawn from historical references, various sciences, philosophies, world cultures and mythologies, literary references, and other intellectually-based avenues.  On a purposeful layer, it is intended to teach and/or inspire almost always.  On a personal layer, I always incorporate pieces of myself into the work.  On a conceptual layer, it pushes my boundaries and takes me to uncharted places.  No matter the layer you choose to perceive, I left something there for you to find.


Concept to Completion: 

Train of thought → Moment of inspiration → Sketch → Research → Think it though → Mentally reiterate the process until correct visual completion is achieved → Sketch final → Research physical aspects → Construct the physical work  (In other words, measure twice, cut once.)  


My artistic process is one of a chasmic depth and this description barely scrapes the surface.  Its layers can take hours to years to compose depending on the scale and complexity of the idea, or simply my current depth of understanding of a particular subject.  Some of my projects are so long-term you, presumably, won’t see them for another decade(s).  Or, I could have a stroke of genius tomorrow and it could all come together in a heartbeat...  One never knows, lol!


As far as mediums go, I’m as diverse in the physicality of my art as I am in its concepts.  Each idea “tells” me how it needs to exist.  Some things need to be paintings while others, sculptures.  Some require animation.  I have a broad repertoire of skills and I like to continuously utilize as many as possible to keep them fresh.  Nature says “use it or lose it” and she means business!  


Moving forward, I am completing the transition between Phase I and Phase II, entitled Sacret Hearts.  Phase II will incorporate the broad scope of my acquisitions from Phase I, but with a futuristic umbrella.  The time has come to share what I've been building behind the scenes.

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My thoughts are this:

To understand the future, we must look to the past.  To understand the depth, we must look beyond the surface.  I always sought to find the foundation of things so I understand how they're built, what they're made of, what they truly are.  Dissection is a tremendous part of my process, both figuratively and literally. 


I've been pondering aliens for over 20 years now.  Of the rather large menagerie in my mind, I finally painted one.  Although I prefer a more expressionistic style of painting, sometimes things simply need to exist as they must whether I like it or not.

Meet, Verspi!  She is my amalgamation of an alien skull inspired by insects, arachnids, homo sapiens, and felines.  Her name is a potmanteau of the Serbian word for trust, "vera", and the word "spider".  Influentially, Georgia O'Keeffe, Louise Bourgeois, and Rembrandt peek through in this piece. 


Ideally, I would love for A.I. to complete various series in various styles.  That's my ultimate goal in dealing with the insurmountable ideas that I cannot possibly bring to fruition, alone, in one lifetime. 

Verspi | Original alien skull painting by Bojana Randall

Amalgamation: insects + arachnids + homo sapiens + felines

Inspirations & Influences: Enigma, Gravity of Love + Alien theories + Atomic Shelter (band) + various sciences

Media: Acrylic on Canvas Board

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Alien Heart drawing by Bojana Randall

Alien Heart | graphite on paper

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