Artist's Statement

"The time has come..."

My early influences include a broad spectrum of artists, philosophers, and scientists such as O'Keeffe, Dali, Frost, Alighieri, Plato, Nietzsche, Davinci, Einstein, Tesla, and Bentov to name a few.  Also, David Brigati (backing vocalist, The Rascals) was a tremendous inspiration in planting the seed in my teenage mind that both artistic and scientific pursuits can coexist.  Fiction novels and live concerts were a tremendous influence, and remain so.  I loved sci-fi as a kid.  I'm a nerd at heart, but also I'm a cheerleader, a superhero (If WonderWoman and Doctor Strange had a baby), a headbanger, a theorist, and so much more.  

I love art because it is the central hub where all my interests converge, it is my favorite form of communication, and it's a means of deep connection.  When I was 15 years old, my artistic truth was revealed and I made a commitment to myself to pursue it for all my life.  Thus far, (Phase I - 45 years) I pursued and studied the intuitive and emotional aspects of humanity, a broad scope of artistic disciplines, and internal universes through my scientific lens.  I created a solid foundation upon which to build Phase II, the more cognitive visionary side.  I am devoting my next half-life to the exploration of the exterior universe, various aspects of time, technology, communication, and the future of art & design as I imagine it.

I'm currently transitioning between abstract expressionism and minimalism, as will be evident in the upcoming Sacret Hearts exhibition.  All the depth of emotion and the introverted perspective of expressionism merges with the concise color story and simplicity of minimalism and begins to take on a more extroverted and cognitive role.  


The time has come.  The transition has begun.  I'm unimaginably excited about this future!!!  I hope you'll journey with me.  It'll be a stellar ride! 


Game on, peeps!

Untitled -1990 | Watercolor on Board

Soulfire | pla on canvas | approx 40"

work in progress

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